In Defense of Deadbeat Dads” reprinted, with permission, from Men’s Health magazine
(Vol. 18, No. 5, June 2003, pp. 148-153, 170-172) solely for posting on and and distribution to its members.

>> Read entire article: In Defense of Deadbeat Dads

2006 LEGISLATIVE ACTION CHECKLIST for Senate Bill 382 (01/26/2006) *Great details on lobbying!!

>> Read lobbying document: Senate Bill 382 (01/26/2006)

>> Georgia Family Law Blog (tons of info on new 2008 changes in family law)

Senate Bill 382 - new guidelines effective January 2007

House Bill 221 - 2005-2006 Legislation, child support changes

–> HB 221 Timeline including various versions of the bill and votes

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